7Bricks XLSB tool

Excel-macro tool, to start minimally, this is the core tool that will allow you to have your inventory controlled.

Tool With LEGO Sets DB pre-loaded.

18,753 Sets in DB as of Jun 18th 2023

To start collecting and inventory your LEGO sets, already have Database of official sets from LEGO
7Bricks v2.301.xlsb | Jun 18th 2023 | 2.11 MB

LEGO Sets image library

Images of LEGO sets and boxes, for official sets released so far (At least 1 image per set + 1 image per box).

18,753 Sets in DB | 8,690 Sets with images and Instructions + 9,592 Sets with images only

Zipped into multiple files of 1GB each
2 Zip files | 32,703 images | Jun 18th 2023 | 1.83 GB

LEGO Sets Instructions library

Instructions of Sets, as PDF (for new sets) or images (for older sets).

18,753 Sets in DB | 8,690 Sets with Instructions

Zipped into multiple files of 1.6GB each.
77 Zip files | 34,977 PDF/image instructions | Jun 18th 2023 | 107 GB