• Download zip file
  • Extract it to a local folder on your machine (Do not open from inside zip)
  • Open 7Bricks.xlsb and enable macros
Yes, tool is designed to ...
  • Run on Desktop machine, not on mobile, nor table
  • Run locally, no Excel online support
  • Built for Windows, other operting systems are not tested yet
Any collection, where you want to have inventory list of it, like dolls, cars, cacti, books, shoes, you name it. Basically anywhere you want to have list of items with attaching pictures (multiple picture per item) and condition, New, used, damaged, etc.
No, you can collect as many collections using 1 single copy of 7Bricks, you can use the column 'Category' to distunguish those collection, I use 1 copy for LEGO set and hardware parts, like keyboards, USB drives, Mice, etc.
In sheet 'MySets' column F just type in the Set Number and press Enter (or Tab).
Several ways, but one of them is to put '0' in Qty column.
You can always remove that row entirely, replace or clear contents.
Go to Menu command 7Bricks > Options > Import/Export
And click 'Fill 50 more rows...' command. You may also manually fill rows (Copy and Paste).