100% Free

Because we love Excel, and we love LEGO, this tool is free.

You control

An Excel Macro-enabled Spreadsheet, means you are in full control


Local database, local images, download only what you need.

3 levels inventory

Collect items in Containers, then collect Containers in Rooms to return to certain item when needed.

Image per item

Add images for each item (and optionally its box), for LEGO sets download official image from websites.

Pure Excel macro-based

Local Excel-macro tool, Internet connection only needed when downloading.

Internal reports

Generate reports to show items in certain container, items of certain category, items matching search results, etc.


More and more features

All Features


Check out details of the tool, and where to find what.

As from 7Bricks v2022.28


Main sheet storing all items in your collection, used here for LEGO sets.

How-Tos and F.A.Q.

More F.A.Q.s

How to add new Set to MySets?
In sheet 'MySets' column F just type in the Set Number and press Enter (or Tab).

How to remove Set from MySets?
Several ways, but one of them is to put '0' in Qty column.
You can always remove that row entirely, replace or clear contents.

What to do when we need more rows at bottom of 'MySets' ?
Go to Menu command 7Bricks > Options > Import/Export
And click 'Fill 50 more rows...' command. You may also manually fill rows (Copy and Paste).

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We are developing the tool since 2014.

Version v2.301 (Jun 18th 2023) available to download now

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